French, Spanish and Italian wine cooperatives met for two days in Italy

10 marzo 2022

On March 7 and 8, Italian, Spanish and French wine cooperatives organization met in Italy to discuss the situation of the wine market in light of the war in Ukraine and the international political and economic scenario. Hosted by Cantine Mezzacorona (TN) and its President Luca Rigotti, the representatives of the three cooperative organizations, which account for 25% of the world wine production, discussed the trends of the wine internal and extra-European market, starting from the analysis of the exports to Ukraine and Russia and the potential consequences from the current sensitive situation.

The situation of rising prices of raw materials and especially energy is a central element of the current market situation. For the time being, the price increase is being absorbed exclusively by the production side, which is now seeing its margins decrease.

The three wine cooperative organizations have questioned how to react to this crisis and what interventions the European Commission and the Member States should put in place. They also hope that this crisis would put economic and competitiveness issues (for wine, but also for all other agricultural products) back on the agenda.

Other issues discussed included the direction of the Farm-to-Fork strategy in light of food security issues and the need for a paradigm shift that recognizes the importance of food sovereignty.

In addition, the three organizations of wine cooperatives stressed that this crisis teaches us that the Common Agricultural Policy must be above all an economic policy capable of supporting agricultural production, while maintaining a high level of attention to the environmental sustainability of the production itself.

The meeting ended with a debate on carbon farming and the stakes and potential it represents for the wine industry.


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